2017 is the year of change; election-wise

The Rise of the New President

This year, I have noticed that elections are being held in a few countries of note. These include the U.K. and France. The meteoric rise of the American President Donald Trump signaled that people are giving the big F-U to the system. They are striving to choose candidates that promise to be more accountable to the people.

The Fall of the Welfare State

President Trump’s cabinet is dedicated to dismantling the welfare system. I have read an article on about how Kansas people benefit from being weened from the welfare system. I have been wrestling with this reality, for the better part of half an hour. In addition, listening to my favorite music. How can I be the solution if I can’t stand on my 2 feet? It forced me to work harder at my blog, than ever before. This issue is of significance because I am continually unemployed and dependent. It is not a reality that is conducive to the development of a healthy young man. I am just a screw in the over arching mechanism – but as I am more displeased, I will become a more central and powerful screw. Mark my words!

The Preparation for the Tough Times

It is a most wondrous but tumultuous time to be alive. Prepare yourself as best as you can, for rough times are ahead.